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 Welcome to Professional Coaching Group

Real Pros use Coaches!  

The success or failure of an organization or individual depends upon leadership. Leadership skills are honed and learned and improved faster with the caring support of great mentors and coaches. Regardless of the economic condition, productivity levels, longevity or even profitability of an enterprise, it is the quality, wisdom, vision and ACTION of leadership that will determine the degree of success.


MORE EARNINGS – Do you and your company need to an increase in income, cash flow, and net worth?  Financial issues are one of the most stressful aspects of running any organization. We will guide you to more income, helping set financial goals and guided paths to achieve those goals quickly and efficiently with less stress so you may enjoy all of the other aspects of life.

MORE TIME  Do you need more time to grow the business? Ever wish you could just take off, enjoy the family or friends more or do more of what you love? You may just want to give more back!  Our experience can show you the way and you will get more accomplished in less time.  

MORE FREEDOM – Are you the team member that is most need in your firm?  You may need help to free up your time, talent and resources so you can dedicate more time to work on the opportunities that will create success, and less time running the business. 


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Mike Reed, Founder

Our Commitment 

ProCaochGrp is committed to ACTIVATE your greatest success! INCREASE your earnings and lower taxes, DEVELOP more TIME control through:  greater efficiency, improve customer satisfaction and SALES through organization, systematized operations and training, empowered staff to be more responsible, contributing, self initiating team members.

You will know that you have professional and seasoned support that is only interested in  your success and learning, not in building fees or a dependency.  We have been where you have been.  

We are committed to providing you with the best possible coaching and mentoring to equip you to become a creative and effective transformational leader, getting more done, more quickly, for higher profits and less stress! We will assist you in developing a vibrant organization that will provide the highest quality products or services possible, while energizing your employees by giving them the tools to realize their highest potential. 

Great leadership requires the balanced skills of "VISION and GUTS". Vision without courageous and decisive ACTION remains a wish or dream. And, blind and ill guided action may lead to disaster. 

A great, knowledgeable and inspiring COACH brings the very best out of the best athletes, entertainers and business leaders. Join the best at the top.   
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